Is work causing you pain?

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How does your job make you feel? Happy? Empowered? Content? How about sore? Some jobs, such as those of manual workers - bricklayers, floor fitters, warehousing will cause workers a degree of pain due to the physical nature of the role. However, it is surprising that many workers believe this is just part and parcel of their job and they need to live with the pain.

Why should anyone be content living with pain?

In fact, continually putting a strain on your muscles and joints could end your career earlier than expected due to health concerns - and it's not just workers of a certain age that experience work-related pain!

This week, we welcomed a young, fit and healthy patient to CT Clinic Manchester who had been suffering from intense lower back pain. As you will see from the video, this patient could barely get out of the car. Using our revolutionary COPA Therapy treatment, the patient experienced immediate relief and was able to regain normal muscle movement within the session.

At CT Clinic, 95% of our patients notice huge differences, even after just the first session. We treat the most complicated of chronic and acute pain episodes and deliver results even in cases where general medicine and therapy have failed.

We don't give up on you, instead, we work with you to eliminate the pain for good!

Pioneering COPA therapy from Ammar Sawaf of CT physiotherapy clinic in Manchester