6 Ailments that can be treated by a chiropractor

6 Ailments that can be treated by a chiropractor

Body pain is a common health issue that everyone experiences. Which part of your body is affected determines the doctor you need to visit for treatment. So when do you visit a chiropractor? Essentially, a chiropractor is a health professional that deals with neuromuscular issues. This trained professional manually adjusts your spine and manipulates your joints by hand or using special instruments. In Manchester chiropractors treat patients suffering from various conditions.

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Do chiropractors really realign your spine?

Do chiropractors really realign your spine?

If you’ve regularly gone to a specialist or chiropractor for back pain or realign your spine, you’re not the only one! An approximated 75% of people feel back pain serious enough to see a specialist at some point in their life.

Yet, how obvious it is, the specific cause of discomfort is usually unclear. Also, a sole, best method for various low back pain is unknown. For those causes, experts’ suggestions tend to differ. Many experts also suggest seeking chiropractic care. The great news is that no matter what medication is recommended, many people with a new onset of back pain or Stockport neck pain are better within some weeks.

What Are the Advantages and Uncertainties of Chiropractic Care?

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Why is physiotherapy important?

For most people with arthritis, one of the essential parts of treatment is physiotherapy. A physiotherapist does this, and they are the responsible health care professionals who support you to maintain an active state and lead an independent life.

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Leading Manchester Treatment for Repetitive Strain Injury

COPA Treatment Manchester - No.1 for Pain Relief

What is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

In the UK, 1 in every 50 workers has reported experiencing a repetitive strain injury condition at some point. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a condition which causes nerves, tendon and muscle pain, and is often associated with doing a repetitive activity for long periods. The upper body is largely affected by stiffness and swelling mainly felt in the forearms, elbows, wrists, hands, back and shoulders. While RSI is often due to strenuous occupational and leisure activities, it can also be caused as a result of working with computers and typing.  


Names associated with RSI

At CT Clinic Manchester, we often treat people suffering from RSI which is categorised as type 1 or type 2 RSI. 

Type 1, includes Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Type 2, is classed as non-specific or diffuse pain. 


What are the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury?

At CT Clinic Manchester, our RSI patients always report feeling pain in the upper body with symptoms including:

• Sharp or dull pain

• Numbness

• Throbbing

• Tingling 

• Tightness/cramp

• Tenderness in your muscles and joints

At first, the symptoms may only be felt when undertaking the repetitive task but gradually, over time the symptoms worsen and can be experienced during times of rest. This impacts on your capability to carry out work and leisure.  


What causes Repetitive Strain Injury?

• Repetitive activities.

• Performing activities that involve the use of force or lifting heavy objects.

• Carrying out an activity for a long period without taking a break.

• Carrying out activities that cause you to be in an awkward position.

• Poor posture, especially for office/desk based roles.

• Working in a cold environment.


Tips to ease the pain of RSI 

1. It is important to rest the affected area regularly, but not for long period as this can make the situation worse by weakening muscles. 

2. Gently massaging the affected limb will stimulate circulation and keep the muscle strong.

3. Taking regular and short breaks to move and stretch the muscles.

4. Altering your activities so that you are not doing the same task repetitively.

5. Engaging in exercise such as pilates, yoga or swimming will help ease symptoms.

Seek Professional Help

COPA Treatment in Manchester for Repetitive Strain Injury

At CT Clinic Manchester, we provide osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment to help with repetitive strain injury. Our proven COPA treatment will help you make a full and fast recovery.

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Why suffer age-related pain?

No. 1 treatment for age-related pain and discomfort

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We treat clients of all ages. Recently, we welcomed Mr Ravani to CT Clinic to receive COPA treatment at CT Clinic, Manchester.

At the tender age of 87, Mr Ravani has been suffering from back pain for a long time. As we age, our focus naturally shifts to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and remaining as active as possible to enjoy our remaining years, pain (and drama-free). However, it is at this point in life when medical professionals tend to give up very quickly on treating ailments associated with old age.

At CT Clinic, we treat you irrespective of age! We treat you if you have been diagnosed with many age-related conditions including arthritis, osteoarthritis and diabetes, and because we have our own diagnosis methodology, we provide hope and resolution when all else fails. Our unique blend of treatment named COPA THERAPY offers a holistic approach to pain relief.

For us, it is not about simply managing the pain! We work with you to help eliminate the pain and devise preventative techniques that will ensure pain is no more. A huge 95% of our patients notice the difference in pain levels immediately.

Mr Ravani reported a 70-80% improvement after just 1 session

Is work causing you pain?

Physiotherapy & 5* COPA treatment in Manchester

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How does your job make you feel? Happy? Empowered? Content? How about sore? Some jobs, such as those of manual workers - bricklayers, floor fitters, warehousing will cause workers a degree of pain due to the physical nature of the role. However, it is surprising that many workers believe this is just part and parcel of their job and they need to live with the pain.

Why should anyone be content living with pain?

In fact, continually putting a strain on your muscles and joints could end your career earlier than expected due to health concerns - and it's not just workers of a certain age that experience work-related pain!

This week, we welcomed a young, fit and healthy patient to CT Clinic Manchester who had been suffering from intense lower back pain. As you will see from the video, this patient could barely get out of the car. Using our revolutionary COPA Therapy treatment, the patient experienced immediate relief and was able to regain normal muscle movement within the session.

At CT Clinic, 95% of our patients notice huge differences, even after just the first session. We treat the most complicated of chronic and acute pain episodes and deliver results even in cases where general medicine and therapy have failed.

We don't give up on you, instead, we work with you to eliminate the pain for good!

Pioneering COPA therapy from Ammar Sawaf of CT physiotherapy clinic in Manchester



How to Treat the 4 stages of Pain in a few steps

Sitting down on sofa – 2 Minutes Pain With Ammar

Physiotherapy & 5* COPA treatment in Manchester

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Welcome to the 7th episode of 2 Minutes Pain With Ammar. This week we are going to talk about the importance of good posture while sitting down on the sofa after a long day. Millions of people over the world are suffering from lower back pain, so what are the causes? How can we avoid it?

In this episode, we will take you on a tour to discover sone of the reasons why you may experience lower back pain while sitting down or lounging on the sofa.

Pioneering COPA therapy from Ammar Sawaf of CT physiotherapy clinic in Manchester



Lower back pain – On the Couch with Ammar