Leading clinician Ammar Sawaf.

Ammar Sawaf - Manchester Pain Specialist.

Ammar’s passion is treating people suffering from pain. His greatest satisfaction is treating patients who have been unable to get relief from other specialists. Starting from the age of 17, when a back injury ended his promising professional footballer career, he spent eleven years studying and developing the techniques he now uses. In 2006 he founded CT Clinic, treating patients using the COPA methodology.

Ammar Sawaf recognized that the existing individual therapies were unable to successfully treat many injuries. He developed his innovative total care system which combined the techniques of the four main therapies which he now uses to treat patients in Manchester, Didsbury, Stockport, and surrounding areas: Chiropractic treatment, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Acupuncture techniques (COPA). The resulting COPA method achieves results beyond those possible by the four individual treatments.

Back story

Didsbury, Stockport Pain Specialist

When seventeen-year-old professional footballer, Ammar Sawaf injured his back, he never imagined that was the end of his promising career. As he sought treatment for the debilitating pain, he slowly realized that nobody had the skills necessary to cure him. Eventually, he had to face the hard truth. His days of professional football were over.

Although heartbroken, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided to learn how he could help other people in the same position, transferring his enthusiasm for football, into a passion for treating people. Learning one technique wouldn’t be good enough, so he learned several over the next eleven years. He enrolled in a physiotherapy course, then when he graduated, worked with a Korean Professor learning Chiropractic and Osteopathic techniques while treating 16,500 patients. His next stop was the UK, where he did a degree in acupuncture at Salford University.

All the while, he treated patients, improving his skills and learning which techniques worked on which injuries. He combined the methods he’d learned to achieve results other practitioners could not. His reputation grew and ‘untreatable’ patients sought him out. Ammar welcomed them, relishing helping people who’d been unable to get relief from pain.

From this experience, he evolved a system he calls Comprehensive Treatment (CT). When you attend CT Clinic, we examine every aspect that could be contributing to your pain. Injuries, posture, gait, as well as lifestyle, activities, inactivity, and diet. You will then receive an individually tailored full treatment plan.

CT Clinic is proud to treat patients in Manchester, Didsbury, and Stockport using new techniques of COPA therapy combining Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Osteopathy, acupuncture, and Deep Tissue massage techniques - treating the most complicated cases of back pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and neck pain.

Ammar Sawaf is not HCPC registered physiotherapist Or osteopathy and chiropractic. The physiotherapy services are only provided by HCPC registered professionals.

Manchester Pain Specialist - Ammar Sawaf

Manchester Pain Specialist - Ammar Sawaf