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I am 17 years old have suffered with pain in my collarbone for over 10 months, this started with it being very uncomfortable and inflamed, then gradually the pain became worse, until the point where I couldn’t engage in any physical activity because of the pain. I had been told by many doctors that the pain would go away by itself, and that I should continue my everyday life like going to the gym or playing sports, but it kept getting worse.

I was then recommended to go to CT Clinic, where Ammar used the methodology of COPA therapy to identify the problem. Upon first examination, he told me that the cause of the pain and uncomfortableness didn’t even come from the collarbone, but it was because of tight muscles in my chest and back. These tight muscles came from habits like a bad posture and a bad diet (like not having enough protein) that made it worse over time. From then, he provided me with things to do and told me how I can prevent problems like these from happening in the future, whilst at the same time helping repair the damage that had already been done.

After only a few sessions, the pain in the collarbone that lasted for months went away, and I knew how to change my routine to prevent problems from happening in the future. I would highly recommend CT Clinic to anyone who has problems as it’s very professional and helpful. They have taught me the importance of a good diet and good posture to prevent problems from happening in the future.

Mohammed Mahmoud

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I had endured with a shoulder injury that had restricted my ability to exercise for many years and had received many treatments from other practitioners with little benefit. Following my course of treatment with Ammar the pain has gone.

Mark Davies
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