Benefits of physiotherapy for elderly people

Physiotherapy for Seniors: How It Can Help with Aging and Age-Related Conditions

Our bodies undergo many physical changes as we age or get older. These changes can cause muscle weakness, bone density, coordination problems, and stiffening of the joints. This can sometimes lead to falls or fractures.

Aging  includes a decline in bone density, decreased muscle strength, and an increase in body fat. Poor coordination and stiff joints can also affect elderly people’s mobility and balance.

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Lower Back Pain Number One Disability Worldwide.

Lower Back Pain: Number One Disability Worldwide

Research has found that low back pain causes more disability than any other condition affecting nearly 1 in 10 people [1].  Lower back pain can be seriously debilitating and cause emotional distress among sufferers. Unfortunately, lower back pain is an extremely common health problem and the leading cause of disability and work absence globally. Therefore, we must ask ourselves a question: Why are over 540 million people from all over the world suffering from lower back pain [2]?

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