Lower Back Pain Number One Disability Worldwide.

Lower Back Pain: Number One Disability Worldwide

Research has found that low back pain causes more disability than any other condition affecting nearly 1 in 10 people [1].  Lower back pain can be seriously debilitating and cause emotional distress among sufferers. Unfortunately, lower back pain is an extremely common health problem and the leading cause of disability and work absence globally. Therefore, we must ask ourselves a question: Why are over 540 million people from all over the world suffering from lower back pain [2]?

Low back pain can happen suddenly or slowly develop over time. Either way, this pain can really impact people’s quality of life and can prevent them from doing what they enjoy. This is an important issue that needs resolving. Back pain alone costs the UK economy £10 billion every year [3]. Many people desire ‘pain relief’ more than anything – however, there is not enough research on how to prevent and treat back pain completely.

At CT Clinic, we treat pain differently by focusing on the root cause of the pain, not just a cure. Many of our patients are told their pain is ‘untreatable’ and rely on painkillers to continue their daily lives.

Based in Greater Manchester, West Didsbury, CT Clinic is the home of innovative pain specialist Ammar Sawaf who founded his company in 2006. Mr Sawaf believes the source of the pain is muscle stiffness and uses his COPA therapy technique to cure his patients from pain completely.

COPA therapy is a new methodology that consists of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture techniques. This innovative treatment has been developed over the last 20 years and has resulted in over 20,000 pain-free patients. Now, with the help of Myton technology, he hopes to prove this scientifically and innovate the way pain is treated beyond his private clinic.

Myoton technology which is the only reliable machine in the world that can measure muscle stiffness in a non-invasive way, along with also measuring biomechanical and viscoelastic properties. The machine is very simple and shows the state of the muscles within 1 minute and that is why is used by NASA and over 600 universities around the world.

Mr Sawaf is determined to make a difference with COPA therapy, this would save billions of people and billions of pounds being spent on lower back pain treatment and painkillers. The success he’s seen in CT Clinic hasn’t gone unnoticed by his patients with over 65 five-star reviews on Google reviews. Mr Sawaf hopes this is the start of major chance in how pain is treated.

Read more about CT Clinic at www.ctclinic.co.uk.

By Ellen Maynard-Smith
Business Development Administrator.


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