What Techniques can be used in a Deep Tissue Massage

What Techniques can be used in a Deep Tissue Massage

Over the years Deep tissue massage has beautifully evolved. Hale Manchester deep tissue massage is a wonderful yet holistic therapy that concentrates more on alleviating your muscles. This therapy is broadly evaluated to be effectively famous in healing & rejuvenation. Various techniques heal injuries & strains caused by sports.

By merely applying slight pressure on muscles at the right place can amazingly heal your sore muscles & tendons. This therapy is mainly performed by using fresh lubricant oil to perform the massage to bring friction without any discomfort. However, for a strong & connected treatment, a few practitioners also like to use powder.

Let’s talk about the techniques

We have curated 5 effective Techniques that are used in performing Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

Technique – 1 – Sacrum Push.

Sacrum push is an easy yet admiringly compelling technique. This technique is suitable for any full-body massage. While performing this technique, the practitioner puts a little pressure on just above your sacrum. The force rises steadily till it reaches the suitable & then maintained for 30 seconds. The method offers a highly pleasurable, warm force at the core of the body across the entire sacrum zone. We believe that this technique is one of the best practices to start a deep tissue routine.

Technique – 2 – Elbow Pressure

Elbow pressure is generally practiced to heal sore shoulder muscles. It is crucial to make sure that the pressure is being put on the correct position & otherwise it can lead to discomfort. It is suitable to use a little rounded elbow so that the pressure can touch the affected muscle rather than painfully poking. This is a reasonable way of putting pressure without risking any further injury.

Technique – 3 – Knuckle Pressure

In this technique the practitioner massages with tight & knuckles first. It is a slow-motion punching process! Along with the knuckle pressure, the practice is performed with the back of body weight. This technique reaches the top layer of muscle & tissue. With the knuckle pressure method, you can relieve the body’s stress and facilitate adequate blood circulation throughout the affected area.

Technique – 4 – Double Finger Press

The Double Finger Press technique offers an adequate solution to the soreness & discomforting issues. With this technique, the practitioner uses the tips of fingers & applies more pressure whilst not harming your soft tissues. This technique is usually used over the entire body with a deeper & penetrating pressure.

Technique – 5 – Muscle Vibration

Lastly, Muscle Vibration is quite alike tapping and it implies vibrating rhythm. In this technique the practitioner lightly vibrates & shakes your muscles at a tolerable speed. This technique promotes calmness & soothing sensation within the nerves. This method also recommends practitioners to massage around the affected tissue. It is ideal to heal pain & relief tissues.


With the above famous techniques the practitioner has to also make sure that their client is not having any discomfort during the treatment. Do avoid any such dissatisfaction, keep communicating with the customer.

We hope that the above techniques help you understand Deep Tissue Massage closely. If you are too facing any muscle discomfort, then with any hesitation reach our expert Hale Manchester Chiropractor & also avail for the best Manchester physiotherapy service. We can help you keep your wellness on track.

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