Causes of Rotator Cuff Injury and 5 Ways to Prevent it

Causes of Rotator Cuff Injury and 5 Ways to Prevent it

In our day to day life, we generally tend to put a lot of pressure and stress on our shoulders, it can be by working out, throwing a ball, or even lifting hefty bags. And you can perform such basic activities only if you have a healthy shoulder that has a wonderful range of motion. According to surveys, the majority of the people get their shoulder joint injured more often.

Joints of the rotator cuff are a set of 4 tendons and muscles, which supports in stabilizing the shoulder or even moving the arm. Each time you move your arm, you are taking help of your rotator cuff to do so. Strains, tendonitis, and tears are the most common injuries of the rotator cuff.

Injury in the rotator cuff is quite common and also increases with age. Any one who is into a job where he is repeatedly required to perform motions that are overhead or a sportsperson can easily get into the contact of the rotator cuff injury.

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Now that you have an idea of what a rotator cuff injury might feel or look like, let’s look at a few causes of the same!

What Causes a Rotator Cuff Injury?

Two major causes of rotator cuff tearing are any chronic shoulder injury or degeneration. Your rotator cuff can easily get injured even if you fall on it while outstretching your arm. It happens because of the breakdown of tissues, which can happen while you are aging.

Injuries of the rotator cuff can range from mild to chronic depending on its state. Acute injury is called Tendinitis, whereas chronic injury is known as tendinopathy. The tendons that connect the bones and muscles get strain and then it leads to complete or partial injury.

A few of the causes of Injury in your Rotator Cuff can be:

  • Tear or strain on the muscles after a fall.
  • Car or any sudden accident.
  • Any sports injury.
  • Broken or damaged collarbone.
  • Dislocated muscles of the shoulder.
  • Bone spurs (When the bone spur gets rub against the tendon while lifting your arm)
  • Impingement of shoulder muscles because of excess friction.
  • Drop down the healthy blood flow.

After knowing the basic causes of the rotator cuff injury, let’s look at 5 ways you can prevent it!

5 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Rotator Cuff Injury

1. Brush up your skills in doing any activity

Most of the time we get induced to shoulder pain because of our bad habits or practicing wrong techniques while playing any specific sport. Technique can indeed damage the muscles and make them more tired. Bad posture or poor techniques of performing any activity can affect the motion of your shoulder that will cause discomfort and injury. Therefore, do consider practicing proper techniques to make sure that the joints of your shoulder do not get fatigued.

2. Try to regain and balance your flexibility

The amount of complexity our bones, muscles, and tissues have, it is quite crucial to maintain the quality of your body flexibility. However, the most critical aspect to safeguard the joints of your shoulder is to try and achieve flexibility not only internal but also external rotators. Professional physiotherapists of CT Clinic, can surely help you with effective stretches and exercises that will help you regain your flexibility.

3. Concentrate on strengthening your core

Stability and strength at core is vital for our body to perform our day to day activities well. For the longevity of our muscles, it is indeed one of the basic foundations one must follow. It helps in providing a rigid kinetic chain of vitality while doing any movement. And if your core is not strengthened enough or the lumbar & cervical spine of your body is weak, then at some point of life you will experience a lot of pain in the shoulder joint.

4. Get a Rotator-cuff Controller

Without even a doubt, the rotator cuff muscles of a human body requires an appropriate positioning of the scapula to control the upward and downward motion effectively. To control the positioning, you require proper flexibility and strength of the rotator cuffs. Therefore, it is vital to keep your rotator cuff controllers balanced throughout your existence. 

5 Try to build your overall strength

Proper stability of the core body and flexibility are crucial to live a healthy life. 

You must consider consulting a professional therapist and take note of strengthening your muscles. A well balanced and strong body can aid in supporting overhead movements & ease the injury.


Human shoulders are built to function in amazing ways & we usually take our shoulder joints for granted until it gets too late. These are the major causes are ways you can consider to prevent your rotator cuff injury. Additionally, make sure that you mindfully spend time safeguarding your shoulders by not fidgeting it much. 

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