Important tips to follow after having a deep tissue massage

Important tips to follow after having a deep tissue massage

Massage therapy has been a widely accepted self-care practice since ancient times. A proper massage can relieve soreness, stiffness, and pain. Plus, it can also relax your body and mind. You’ll feel submerged in divine bliss when you receive an Altrincham Manchester deep tissue massage. And you want to bask in that euphoric feeling as long as possible.

Mild soreness in muscles are quite common to have.

However, you can prolong your relaxation period & even alleviate the pain and stiffness after the massage. For that, you have to follow some simple deep tissue massage after-care tips. 

Essential deep tissue massage after-care tips  

1. Drink plenty of water to get recharged

Drinking plenty of water is a healthy practice to follow. However, it is a necessary thing to do after the massage. When you get the message, it releases toxins from muscle tissue.

In order to flush those toxins out of your body, you should drink more water for 24 hours following the massage. Besides, massage dehydrates your body, so drinking a good amount of water will make your body recharged.

2. Take a long relaxing bath

Having a bath or shower with lukewarm water aids your tense muscles after the massage & enhances blood circulation. You can even increase its effectiveness by adding Epsom salt & lavender oil into your bath. It will heal all the discomfort & aid your body with complete relaxation.

3. Keep calm & get adequate rest

One of the best ways to extend your post-massage bliss is to stay relaxed & calm. Get proper rest, listen to music, meditate, and take short walks to make your body & mind relax. Restrain yourself from rushing back into your daily routine. Plus, avoid doing any strenuous activity for 12-24 hours following the massage. It gives proper body rest & allows you to get the most out of the massage.

4. Eat food with good nutrients 

A deep tissue massage therapy increases blood circulation in your body & stimulates your digestive system. As a result, you might feel a little lightheaded after the massage. However, this might happen because of not eating proper food. Following the massage, it is essential to refuel your body with nutritional food. It will energize your body & increase the post-massage healing process. 

PS.:- Avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol, & heavy food following the massage. 

5. Take a good night’s rest

Getting a good night’s sleep will boost your deep tissue massage results in the following mornings. A good night’s rest allows your muscles to recover from the stress of the massage. Plus, it helps you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and energized. 

6. Don’t forget to book a follow-up appointment

Even though you can feel the difference in just a single deep tissue massage session, regular massage appointments are necessary to get the most benefit.


We hope our tips will help you eliminate the adverse effects of massage & provide the most benefits. Just don’t discourage yourself with massage swelling and discomfort. Reach out to our expert doctors for any Altrincham Manchester chiropractor & Sale Manchester physiotherapy services. They will assist you in your wellness journey and make you feel better & healthier. Contact us at to book an appointment or learn more about our services.