7 Ways to Recover from Ankle Injury Quickly and Effectively

7 Ways to Recover from Ankle Injury Quickly and Effectively

In today’s fast paced world, it is quite common to twist your ankle or get a sprain. Any mild injury at the ankle can get chronic in no time if not taken proper care of. While walking, any abrupt movement can easily cause discomfort in the joints of the ankle.

No doubt the Ligaments of the ankle are strong but, even a mild stretch or tear can lead to huge injuries. These injuries also vary from person to person and can cause brutal swelling.

If even after taking proper preventive measure you feel:

  • constant extreme pain
  • have severe swelling
  • unable to walk even a few steps
  • or observing any odd shape

Then without contemplating on it more you must surely visit a Chronic Pain Specialist or try Physiotherapy Stockport.

In this blog, We will help you understand 7 effective and quick ways or measures you can consider to recover yourself from an ankle injury!

7 Ways to Recover from Ankle Injury Quickly and Effectively

Below are the best methods that can help you recover faster. Let us quickly have a look at these 7 ways in detail:

1) RICE Therapy

This is one of the most effective techniques that the majority of pain specialists swear by RICE is an acronym for: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Practitioners usually suggest these methods to lessen the inflammation and swelling after an injury.

Let us now quickly understand the RICE method.

Rest: This technique focuses more on giving rest to your injury. Resting helps in healing and stabilizing the affected area.

Ice: Ice packs help in relieving and lessen the ease of swelling and pain. In this method you have to simply apply an ice pack at the sprain for 12–15 mins at a time. And if at the end ice technique does not help in healing you then you must try other techniques for recovery.

Compression: This technique Compression helps stabilize the discomfort and reduce the swelling. You can try wrapping bandages around the affected area. But make sure to not tie it too tight that causes numbness.

Elevation: Elevating the affected ankle helps in reducing the accumulation of fluids in that joint. It can relieve the swelling, which can eventually help in reducing the pain. Also try to sleep or sit with your feet elevated to help it recover.

2) Heat Therapy:

Just like ice therapy, Heat therapy also helps in healing the pain. It increases the excess blood flow towards the injury, which can effectively speed the healing. Many people may also find it helpful as it relaxes the tight muscles, soothes the pain and stress around the injured area.

However, avoid using heat therapy on the affected area if it is swollen. Applying heat on swollen areas can augment the inflammation & even slow down the healing.

3) Stretching:

Our muscles and bones are quite fragile and even a minor twist can lead to severe discomforts. Stretching those affected muscles can do wonders to the injury. A mindful stretching session can help in keeping the muscles limber and strong. It even helps in circulating blood to the affected area, which can help in boosting the healing process.

Gently stretching the ankle with proper guidance can help you gain mobility and flexibility. It is also essential to avoid exceeding the ankle in any direction that damages it more.

4) Walking:

The swelling and pain that instantly causes the sprain in the ankle can be quite painful. As the swellness goes down, slowly walking for 20 to 25 minutes can elevate healing. You can also consider walking in the house for short distances. Gradually when you regain your mobility then you can aim for longer distances.

5) Exercise:

We all know the benefits of exercising, with and without injury. A proper exercise can help you restore your balance and strength. It can also lessen the risk of getting engaged in another sprain.

With proper guidance, you can perform exercises for 15 mins every other day.

6) Massage:

Proper massage can lessen the pain and simultaneously promote the blood flow towards the sprained area. If the injury is extremely painful or chronic, then a person must surely seek professional advice from an experienced Chronic Pain Specialist

Massages can eventually help you heal and open your muscles. Even if after massaging you feel the discomfort increasing in that area, then you must stop the activity as it can worsen the pain.

7) Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is indeed one of the techniques that acts as a savior to many chronic injuries. It can especially aid someone who is going through a long-term serious sprain.

A professional physiotherapist will examine the condition of your ankle so that he can identify the weak muscles that are causing pain.

A practitioner will even ask you to change your lifestyle according to your muscle condition and help you with a customized exercise program to lessen your pain.


It is a very famous and well known quote, “Prevention is better than cure.” Taking proper preventive measures to heal your ankle must not be overlooked. Doesn’t matter if you are an Athlete or not, it is quite crucial to take care of your ankle and other muscles of your body.

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