How Physiotherapy can heal headache and 5 Exercises to get rid of it

How Physiotherapy can heal headache and 5 Exercises to get rid of it

Well we all at some point of our lives must have gone through severe headaches. And according to researchers, headaches are one of the most common conditions worldwide. Most people will experience headaches at one time or another. Even when you are reading this blog, around 15% of people are currently taking pain relief medication for headaches.

In this blog, we will help you understand more about headaches and how to heal it!

How Physiotherapy can heal a headache?

Physiotherapy Stockport based has a great deal of knowledge about posture that can treat and prevent many common headaches. Physiotherapists can easily determine the kind of headaches you are dealing with. They can also treat with techniques like manipulation, functional and rehab exercises, postural evaluation and correction, relaxation therapy and massage, and mobilization.

Different types of headaches

Most headaches go away on their own. But, severe headaches can affect your daily life and impact your quality of life.

As headaches are quite common and they are classified majorly in 4 type:

1) Due to HyperTension

2) Concerns related to Cervicogenic or Neck Muscles

3) Chronic Migraine

4) Underlying condition such as:

  • Fever
  • Infectious disease
  • Sinus
  • A brain tumor

To diagnose the exact kind of headache, a professional practitioner will conduct a thorough examination. They will then devise the best treatment plan based on their findings.

They can heal your headaches by:

  • Reducing or eliminating the frequency, intensity, and duration of your headaches.
  • Reducing the dose of heavy medication
  • Enhancing the function and mobility
  • Increasing the neck mobility and
  • Increasing your quality of life.

Symptoms and causes of headaches

A few of the most common symptoms and causes of constant headaches are:

  • Keeping your head down constantly while working.
  • Poor sleeping habits can cause neck strain.
  • Lack of exercises to strengthen weak muscles or restore normal function.
  • Lack of understanding of your body and not taking any rest.

5 Exercises to Relieve Your Headache

Headaches can be debilitating and are common. A professional chronic pain specialist can treat headaches on the go. For the best treatment, a physiotherapist will take your history and then determine a suitable treatment plan and exercise program for you.

Here are a few of the best exercises you can consider to relieve your headache immediately:

1) Chin tucks

This is one of the most beneficial exercises that one can do.

If you are someone who works at a desk and slump over your desk throughout the day, then chin tuck can clearly heap. Chin tucks can aid by aligning your neck, shoulders, and head.

How to perform:

Sit back straight, with your buttock against a seat back and spine against the back of a chair. Bend your chin downwards and stop till it is in front of the neck. For five seconds, hold this position and then release. Repeat the entire set 10 times for the best result.

2) Upper trapezius stretching

Our upper trapezius can become tight and stiff from sitting too high. This exercise will allow you to loosen your shoulders.

How to perform:

Sit or stand straight.

Your right ear should be pointing down towards your right shoulder. Also, make sure that the left shoulder doesn’t rise.

Keep your right hand in the same position and raise it above the left side. Pull the head towards the right. You should feel a tug along your left shoulder and neck.

This position should be held for 30 seconds, then you can return to the midline. Repeat the exercise for the other side. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times for each side.

3) Cat cow stretch

This is a great way to improve neck and back mobility for those who sit for long periods at work.

How to perform:

Start with your hands and knees on a hard surface, knees under your hips and wrists below your shoulders. Start in a neutral spine position with your back flat and abdominal muscles engaged. Exhale, and lift your head and tailbone. Exhale and lift your spine towards the ceiling.

Next, pull the abdominals in towards the ceiling and then tuck the tailbone into the spine.

Lastly, tuck the chin towards your chest. Continue to alternate between these positions, inhaling and exhaling.

Continue this for at least a minute.

4) Turn head side to side

This can help improve neck mobility and reduce stiffness when you turn your head left-to-right.

How to perform:

Start by standing or sitting straight.

Keep your head straight and turn your head to your right. Continue this for 10 seconds. Turn your head to the right and face forward. Now, turn your head towards the left side.

This entire set can be repeated three to five times each side.

5) Scapular retraction

This is the easiest exercise you can do while sitting at your desk. This helps to combat forward head postures and rounded shoulders that are common in the workplace.

How to perform:

Relax your shoulders and pretend that there’s a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Next, squeeze the “ball” with your shoulder blades. And for the best stretch, repeat this at least 10 times!


Physiotherapy Stockport Treatment is often sought by migraine sufferers to decrease their headache frequency and improve their quality of life. We hope this blog will help you get an idea of how you can treat your severe headaches!

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