How do chiropractors treat joint pain?

Methods like stretching, joint mobilization, massage, heat or cold therapy, and high-velocity low-amplitude spinal manipulation therapy are generally chosen by chiropractors for the treatment of joints. Before looking at joint problems and their treatment, it is important to know that any kind of spinal manipulation should be avoided on people with infected or inflamed joints, or those with weaker bones as this could lead to a fracture.

Until some years back, chiropractic care was not a preferred choice of treatment for joint pains as people usually went to a medical doctor or sought medicinal drugs and surgery for it. However, with new research, several doctors have come on board with the idea of advising chiropractic treatment as the first way, followed by medicines and surgery if the need arises. Now let us look at different joint problems and suitable treatments. 


When the cartilage surrounding the joints wears down, the bones start rubbing on each other causing pain. This condition is called osteoarthritis. Chiropractic treatment helps in realigning the joints and hence is suitable for any sort of back or neck pain related to this type of arthritis. The treatment cannot help the worn-out cartilage, but by aligning the joints, your pain can reduce significantly.

Psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis

Both kinds of arthritis are caused due to problems in your immune system, which leads it to attack the tissues of your own body. As both of them are inflammatory diseases as well, extra care must be given while undergoing chiropractic care for their treatment. Ensure to not practice joint manipulation on areas of your body directly affected by either of these conditions. However, as Manchester chiropractors improve the relationship between your spine and nervous system, this can also positively affect your body’s immune system. 

General joint problems

Many factors can lead to pain in your joints, such as a bad posture or an accident. Irrespective of the cause, any pain in the joints not resulting from arthritis, can be treated by chiropractors. In Stockport physiotherapy is another method used to relax your muscles, improve joint movements, and align your spinal cord. If your joint pain is restricting your movements, soft tissue therapy is an ideal way of treatment. Chiropractic care can also help relieve your pain, even when your mobility has not improved.

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