Suffering with Hamstring pain? 5 Best stretches to help you relieve the pain

Suffering with Hamstring pain? 5 Best stretches to help you relieve the pain

Medically many cases need the utmost care.

One such case is Hamstring pain.

Pain in the Hamstring muscle can cause discomfort at the back of the thigh. The hamstring muscles are crucial for mobility, which is why the prevention of such injuries is key to cure.

In this blog, We will help you understand the Impact of Hamstring Pain, its Causes, Symptoms, and Stretches.

So, to know everything in detail, read the entire blog!

The Impact of Hamstring Pain:

The muscles of hamstrings are quite susceptible.

They are easy to get injured. Especially for the sportsperson. Your hamstring can get injured by jumping, running or even sprinting. Impact of hamstring pain can easily develop stiffness in the muscles. Additionally, the nerve of sciatic that heads down to the posterior leg can simulate chronic stiffness in the hamstring muscles.

Hamstrings are form of three separate muscles. It is located at the back of your upper thigh. It stimulates the functionality from the hip tissue to the knee tissues.

As we humans majorly function with the use of hamstrings, it is crucial to regularly stretch these muscles. Furthermore, the impact of hamstring pain can just keep on getting severe. Well in that case one should always consult a professional for the best Hamstring Pain Treatment.

Symptoms of Hamstring Pain

Injuries in the muscle of the hamstring can cause an impulsive intense ache at the back of your upper thigh.

A severe injury in the hamstring muscle can feel like a tearing, pinching, or popping sensation. And within a few hours, the muscle can swell or inflam.

There are chances of you experiencing severe discoloration or bruising around the muscle. You can possibly feel a mild ache around the buttocks, upper back thigh, or knee.

Causes of Hamstring Pain

The major cause of hamstring injury is the overload of weight put on the hamstring muscle. The strain on these muscles can also cause if the muscle extremely gets stretched.

There are various risk factors that can cause strain in the hamstring. A few of them are:

  • Stretching or exercising with stiff muscles.
  • Imbalance muscles.
  • Not conditioning the muscle.
  • Tiredness of muscle.
  • Not taking care of muscles after playing football, basketball, soccer, tennis, dancing, etc.

Sportspeople or athletes who speedily walk are even at higher risk. Bones and muscles do not necessarily expand at the identical pace. Which means, any stress on the muscle like running or jumping can possibly leave your muscles at a vulnerable stage.

Stretches to Help Relieve Hamstring Pain

Stretches in the Hamstring muscle can help in keeping the muscle mobile and flexible. The only thing you need to take care of is performing those stretches effectively otherwise, it can stimulate more pain.

Below are a few effective stretches that will help you loosen the stiffness in your muscles.

Let us quickly look at them now!

1. Hurdler Hamstring Stretch

Hurdler hamstring stretch is one of the simple exercises. You can easily perform it on the floor.

Steps to perform Hurdler Hamstring Stretch:

  • Easily sit on the yoga mat with one leg straight.
  • Bend the other leg from the knee & place the heel against your opposing inner-thigh.
  • Raise your arm & bend forward over the other straight leg.
  • Hold the position for another 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Relax for 2 to 5 seconds and Repeat all over with the other leg.

2. Standing Hamstring Stretch

The other stretch to heal hamstring pain is done by standing and stretching both the legs.

Steps to perform Standing Hamstring Stretch with both the legs:

  • Carefully stand in front of the wall.
  • Gradually bend forward towards the wall.
  • Hold it for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Relax for 2 to 5 seconds and Repeat it all over.

You can also perform the standing hamstring stretch with one leg.

Steps to perform Standing Hamstring Stretch with one leg:

  • Stand straight with one foot relaxing on a seat.
  • Keep the knees straight.
  • Stretch your arms up and keep them even to your ears.
  • Try to reach your right leg with your left arm and repeat it with the right arm.
  • Try to keep your spine straight.
  • Hold the stretch for around 10 to 15 seconds and feel the stretch.

03. Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend stretch is easy as it enables gravity to support you to deepen the stretch.

Steps to perform Standing forward bend:

  • Stand straight with both your arms stretched overhead.
  • Bend forward and reach your hands straight towards the floor.
  • You can even try to touch your toes if reaching the floor is painful.
  • Hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds and then repeat it all over again.

4. Towel Hamstring Stretch

Many of you might have a towel to easily perform the towel stretch. If not then you can also practice it with a belt or strap.

Steps to perform Towel Hamstring Stretch:

  • Sit on the mat or on the floor.
  • Take a long towel and wrap it around the toes of both legs.
  • Hold the ends of the towel.
  • Gradually tug the towel and lift up your leg straight.
  • Ensure to hold your knees straight up.
  • Hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds and feel the stretch behind your thighs.

5. Foam roll hamstring stretch

To perform the foam roll hamstring stretch, you must buy a foam roller.

Steps to perform Foam roll Hamstring Stretch:

  • Carefully sit on the mat with your legs stretched straight out.
  • Set the foam roller under the hamstring muscles of one leg & then fold the other leg by keeping one foot flat.
  • Try to raise the buttocks and maintain balance with the hands on the floor.
  • Move your body back & forth in sweeping motion.
  • Gently rotate the thigh to ensure the foam roller engages every muscle of the hamstring.

These were 5 effective stretches you must consider to get relief from hamstring pain.

While performing these exercises, always remember that any of these stretches will not stimulate your pain. After performing these stretches, if you are not feeling good then you must stop it immediately and consult a professional practitioner!

Winding it up:

Well, stretching your stiff hamstrings will eventually help you improve your flexibility and mobility. It also helps in preventing and treating back pain. If it’s been long that you are trying to treat your hamstrings and still toiling with the pain, our expert practitioners are always up to heal you.

If you are dealing with hamstring pain, then surely an Osteopathy Manchester expert can help you. A professional Osteopath can help you regain your mobility to perform your routine task.

At CT Clinic, we help you with effective hamstring strengthening physiotherapy that will help you relieve your chronic pain.

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