Can deep tissue massage help weight loss?

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the prevailing world. This problem is predominantly a result of our lifestyle. A busy work schedule, unhealthy food, and irregular sleeping patterns increase the chances of obesity. 

We all know that the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise can significantly lose weight. But the process of weight loss is easier said than done. Sometimes no matter what you have done for weight loss, you just can’t lose the weight. 

But what if we tell you that there is a certain type of body massage that will help you to lose weight? 

Yes, you read right. 

A Manchester deep tissue massage is your way towards a healthier lifestyle. Combining massage therapy with exercise will help you to get rid of excessive fat, toxins, and cellulite from your body. It will reduce your stress, improve your metabolism, and ultimately give a boost to the weight loss process. 

Through this blog, we will explain to you how a deep tissue massage can help you lose weight.

5 Ways a massage can help you to reduce your weight

1. Effectively reduce the cortisol level

Cortisol is a hormone in our body that responds to physical and emotional stress. It increases the appetite and causes fat deposits in the abdominal area. A deep tissue massage reduces the circulating level of the cortisol hormone, which recedes appetite and diminishes the accumulation of belly fat. 

2. Significantly increase the metabolism

A deep tissue massage can ease chronic constipation, nausea, and gastrointestinal issues. It increases metabolism which helps you to burn more calories and reduce the fat accumulation in your body. A massage will improve your digestion health. It makes your body absorb & digest most of the nutrients it gets, thus helps to lose weight.

3. Reduces cellulite in your body

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat that is mostly found around the thighs and the buttocks. It appears as a lumpy flash or dimples on the thighs and the buttocks. Cellulite is difficult to get rid of even if you lose weight. But a Sale Manchester deep tissue massage will break down the fat accumulation and distribute it in the body. So, a massage can reduce cellulite and make your body look toned and slimmer. 

4. Remove toxins from the body

An excessive amount of toxins in your body affects the hormones that are involved in metabolism. It can damage mitochondrial enzymes, which reduces the body’s ability to burn fat. A deep tissue massage can improve blood circulation in your body. It can help you to get rid of the toxins from your body and improve your metabolism thus reducing your weight. 

5. Increase flexibility by improving your muscle strength

Your muscles will be sore after a hardcore exercise. Sometimes it also restricts your movement and lessens your flexibility. Soreness in your muscles decreases your performance during exercise and will reduce the burning of calories. A deep tissue massage reduces your muscle pain and increases muscle flexibility. So, you can do exercise without any interruption and achieve your weight loss goal. 


The deep tissue massage technique is a great panacea for problems like chronic pain, muscle injury, mental health, and weight loss. To get the best results from this massage therapy you need to find an expert therapist. And the CT Clinic is the perfect place where you can find experienced and qualified massage therapists for your assistance. Other than deep tissue massage and physiotherapy, we also have a skilled Altrincham Manchester chiropractor for chiropractic treatment. Contact us at to book an appointment or to know more about our services.