Benefits of Physiotherapy for Trapezius Muscles

Uncovering the Benefits of Physiotherapy for Trapezius Muscles

A largest muscle group that runs across the neck, upper back, shoulders and chest, is called trapezius muscle. This muscle serves many functions in our bodies, including lifting our heads up and shrugging off our shoulders. The majority of the muscles in the back facilitate movement, rotation, and stabilization of the shoulder blade. This flat, wide muscle, which covers the majority of the upper back, and posterior of the neck, is responsible for making the back comfortable.

As trapezius is so large, it can cause trapezitis or severe pain. It can also interfere with the movements of other related muscles.

Trapezitis refers to inflammation of the trapezius muscles that can cause pain and spasm in your neck. This condition is becoming more common in people who work at a desk or who use computers a lot.

In this blog we will discuss uncovering the Benefits of Physiotherapy for Trapezius Muscles and what you can do to relieve muscle pain.

But first, let us quickly have a look at the causes of Trapezius Muscle Pain!

What causes Trapezius Muscle Pain?

To manage this condition effectively, it is important to understand the symptoms and causes of trapezitis.

Trapezius trigger points can lead to pain and limitations in your ability to move your muscles. It is possible to feel the pain radiating throughout your muscles, or it could be close to the trigger point.

Trigger points of Trapezius Muscle Pain are

  • Repetitive movement
  • Engaging roughly in sports or any physical activity
  • Being inactive for a longer time
  • Poor posture
  • Too much head tilting
  • Use your shoulder to hold your phone close to your eyes
  • Carrying heavy backpacks on one shoulder
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Preexisting conditions in your joints
  • Driving for a long duration, etc.

Trapezitis can also affect breast-feeding mothers, particularly if she bends her shoulders while breastfeeding her baby. Trapezitis can also be caused by weak muscles in the neck or back. This could have been due to other injuries or health conditions. It can also be caused by trauma, falls or blows to the neck or back.

After looking at the causes, let us get towards how Physiotherapy Manchester can help you heal Trapezius Muscle pain!

How Can A Physiotherapist Benefit You?

As per recent research shows that physiotherapy can be a more effective treatment than pain medication or surgery for many neck pain cases. Many people can avoid surgery or take medication with the help of physiotherapy.

A professional Chronic Pain Specialist will help you design a treatment plan that will accelerate your recovery. Below are a few of the physiotherapy benefits you must consider when you are dealing with Trapezius Muscles pain:

1) Avoid Surgery

A physiotherapist designs a specialized treatment plan to relieve neck pain. This includes severe radiculopathy, this treats the pain that travels down the arm or into the hand. Radiculopathy can be treated with surgery in rare cases.

2) Improve your Posture

A professional physiotherapist will help you improve your posture if your neck pain is caused by poor posture.

3) Increase Flexibility

A physiotherapist will assess your muscles and show you how to stretch them at home. A professional chronic pain specialist will also supervise you while performing special stretches during your therapy sessions. These stretches will surely improve your flexibility!

4) Increase Strength

A physiotherapist will identify any weak or injured muscles and then teach you the right exercises to restore strength and agility. To relieve neck pain, core strengthening or stabilization is a common treatment. It restores the strength and coordination in the muscles surrounding your spine.

5) Improve Endurance

For people who are suffering from Trapezius muscle pain, it is crucial to regain muscular endurance. A physiotherapy session will help you regain the endurance that you had before your muscle began.

How Stretching Help in Trapezius Muscle Pain?

Stretching is a key part of any exercise. It relaxes muscles and prepares you for the next session. It helps to cool your muscles down when done after the session. Trapezius stretching is the same.

Here are the top benefits of stretching to trapezius

  • Trapezius muscle stretching can help relieve pain in the shoulders, neck, and back. Because trapezius stretching increases blood circulation. So, trapezius muscles are able to relax and warm up. This is particularly beneficial for those who spend long hours at a computer or have to pick up heavyweights repeatedly.
  • Stretching the lower trapezius is a great way to improve your posture. Poor posture can be caused by tight and stressed muscles, which can lead to hunching or slumping that only worsens the pain.
  • Stretching your trapezius muscles improves flexibility and range of motion in your neck, shoulders and head. This allows your muscles to function at their best and can improve the quality of your life.
  • You could end up injuring your muscles if you stretch them beyond their normal range of motion. You can avoid injury by warming up and stretching your trapezius muscles.

Trapezius pain stretching is easy and accessible to everyone. These stretches don’t require studio space or investment!


Trapezius muscles are essential in allowing you to move your head, neck and arms. Your spine is stabilized by the trapezius muscle, which allows you to stand straight.

We hope this blog will help you know everything about your trapezius muscle. And if you are dealing with severe Trapezius pain, then do consider consulting CT Clinic’s expert Chronic Pain Specialists. We also have designed an amazing COPA Therapy to treat all your physical concerns.

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