6 important aftercare tips of a massage

6 important aftercare tips of a massage

It is seen that people take time from their schedule & go for some well-deserved self-care by visiting expensive spas. But post the massage, they experience that their tissues are sore & inflamed. It is common to sense muscle soreness after a massage or Stockport physiotherapy, it is part of the process. 

Massages can activate tissues that haven’t been exercised in a while, which can induce soreness or an accumulation of lactic acid. Hence, tissue soreness is normal for people who are not used to such therapies. 

Deep massages are more prone to make you feel uncomfortable and stiff. However, this shouldn’t stop you from getting a massage, as the advantages of massages exceed any temporary pain you might encounter. 

Following are 6 easy yet effective tips to aid you to manage and balance your body post-massage: 

  1. Post-massage, water is your best friend

If we have to pick only one piece of post-massage advice it would be, having lots of water. There are a bunch of reasons to do so.

While having a massage, toxins are discharged. They require you to be discharged from your body. Your kidneys do an excellent job of eradicating toxins from your body and they want water to work and drive these free toxins out. 

If you’re experiencing soreness post Stockport deep tissue massage, water is also the basic solution. Just sipping on some extra water can help to remove soreness.

  1. Avoid caffeine or alcohol

According to researchers & our experts, refraining from caffeine or alcohol for at least 10 hours or so post a massage will make you feel amazing. Caffeine & Alcohol, both are dehydrating and don’t ease your system to expel the toxins that are on the movement because of the massage. 

  1. Feed your system with good food

A well-balanced diet is great for your system in general, but it is particularly important to be attentive to what you serve your body when it is healing. It is helpful to avoid fatty meals and junk food and go for light and nutritious meals rather. 

Even though you might be starving after the massage, overindulging can pull you downward. By picking a nutritious good diet, you will feed your system with what it requires to boost your tissues recovery faster. Lean meat, fish, grains, fruits and vegetables give the protein and vital nutrients your body necessitates. 

  1. Take a Bath

A lukewarm bath or shower aids tissues to loosen and enhances blood circulation. Epsom salts can be combined to ease the healing process. Epsom salts are cut down into sulphate, which gets incorporated into your system, healing tissues loosen and decreasing inflammation and soreness. They can simply be seen at most supermarkets and drugstores.

  1. Avoid exhausting workouts & exercises

 After a massage, you must not be performing any additional pressure on your tissues post-massage. The therapist has only spent 30-60 minutes trying to stretch and loosen tissues, exercise post-treatment can raise the chance of harming the tissue. Ideally, you must be having at least 5-10 hours of relaxation post a massage.

  1. Notice how your system reacts to the massage.

There is a huge possibility that you may be uncomfortable after your massage, mainly if you’ve had a therapeutic or deep tissue massage. Sometimes after the massage swelling can be experienced the following day. This can be normal for people who do not get frequent massages, or do not work out regularly and are not used to the feeling of tissue soreness. Some people relish weekly massages, whereas others choose to get it done on a monthly basis, it’s all about hearing your system.   

Most importantly, interaction with your therapist is necessary.

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Undergoing tissue soreness post-massage is normal. Practising proper care of your system after every session can diminish post-massage pains. 

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