5 common deep tissue massage myths debunked

5 common deep tissue massage myths debunked

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of skin, muscles, tendons, & ligaments by a certified therapist. People have been using massage therapy as a self-care practice since ancient times. It is a popular means for getting mental & physical relaxation. 

However, massages like Sale Manchester deep tissue massage are not only used for relaxation but also for pain management. The multi-functionality & benefits of deep tissue massage have made it a widely accepted practice at the prevailing time. 

Regardless of its popularity, myths regarding deep tissue massage are still rampant. So, through this blog, we have debunked some of the myths. Read it further to know more.  

Common deep tissue massage myths get debunked.

1. Deep tissue massage only affects the muscles

People have this misbelief that deep tissue massage only affects the muscles. However, it’s not the complete truth. Although massage therapy involves muscles, it also improves the range of motion in joints. Plus, it helps to break down scar tissue and relieve stress, anxiety, & depression. Hence, deep tissue massage affects more than the muscles in your body.

2. All massage is the same no matter where you go

Not at all. This misconception is usually found in people who have never received any massage therapy before. In reality, there are various types of massage; each has its own purpose & benefits. Here are a few examples of different massage treatments.

Spa massage– focuses on stress relief & relaxation.

Sports massage– specifically for athletes. Treats sports injuries & pain

Swedish massage– It is a gentle form of massage. It improves blood circulation, relieves stress, & provides mental & physical relaxation.

Deep tissue massage– slower & deeper stroked massage. Treats muscle damage from injuries & improves range of motion

3. The effect of the massage doesn’t last long

People love to bask in the feelings of relaxation after a massage. However, some people always complain that the effectiveness of massage doesn’t last long. Well, the fact is, the massage therapist helps to “retrain” the muscles’ memory to be stronger & more flexible. This retraining of muscle memory will significantly reduce the impact of pain & stress it receives in the future. 

However, to prolong the effects of massage, it is advisable to go through a regular massage schedule. Regular massage sessions are the reason why some professional athletes can push their muscles beyond their normal limits.  

4. Never interrupt your therapist during the massage

It is undoubtedly the biggest fallacy people have regarding deep tissue massage therapy. It is necessary for the success of massage therapy to feel comfortable during the massage. For that, you are allowed to let your therapist know if the pressure applied is too hard. Voicing your discomfort won’t make them embarrassed or angry; instead, they will be grateful for your opinion.

5. It is a luxury to pamper yourself

Massages are basically designed for relieving tension and soreness from your muscles. That becomes the reason behind this misbelief that massages are only for pampering & didn’t have any therapeutic value. Well, deep tissue massage holds a lot more benefits than only pampering. 

  • It helps to treat muscle injuries and speed up the rehabilitation 
  • It provides relief in chronic muscle & joint pain 
  • It significantly reduces stress, anxiety, & depression
  • It improves blood circulation & strengthens the digestive system
  • It helps in migraine & also lowers your blood pressure


Be careful what people tell you, especially when they mention something they haven’t experienced. So, always use your due diligence before considering whether to take or not take any massage therapy. However, regarding deep tissue massage therapy, we hope this article has debunked some of your disbeliefs. So, if you are interested in taking deep tissue massage therapy, reach out to our expert therapist. We have licensed therapists for Sale Manchester physiotherapy & Stockport chiropractor. Contact us at info@ctclinic.co.uk to book an appointment or to learn more about our services.

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