What to expect from deep tissue massage & does it bruise your body?

Deep tissue massages are illuminated and relaxed by the tendons in the deep tissue. This form of massage may aid in relieving pain and the expansion of a human’s joint movement.

Deep tissue massage could be an effective treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and chronic back pain. Its often classified as a sort of massage therapist.

Hale Manchester deep tissue massage can help with a variety of issues, such as injury, persistent pain, and several disorders.

What you can expect from deep tissue massage?

Depending on the treatment location, a therapist may urge customers to lay on their back or the front on a massage chair.

Prior to actually massaging the affected location using slow motions and exerting deep pressure with the palms, forearms, or elbows, the chiropractor starts with warming up muscle strength with slight pressure. This helps to loosen up tense muscle tissues.

To see changes in regions of deep muscle contractions or damage, people may need several therapies. They may also require other treatments, such as physiotherapy and training, in addition to relaxation techniques.

Does deep tissue massage bruise your body?

Yes, bruising can occur as a result of deep tissue massage. It’s very natural to experience bruising. This type of massage focuses on the muscular and fascia’s deeper layer tissues. Compared to the other kind of massage, the pressure in this one is often higher. This happens for most people 2 to 3 days post the therapy.

Bruising after a massage therapist is similar to the discomfort that occurs when you begin exercising again and significantly overdo it. After a while, the muscles improve. You’ll feel more relaxed, energised, and renewed.

In competitive sports, bruises are prevalent. A bruise can occur after therapy, although this is uncommon.

Other massage therapies which cause bruises are:

  • Massage for Cellulite
  • Massage of the glutes
  • Massage with hot stones
  • Cupping of the myofascial muscles
  • Massage of the trigger points
  • Physiotherapy massage

How to heal massage-induced bruises?

The majority of bruises will lead to skin discoloration, regardless of the specific reason. Blood from damaged blood cells beneath the skin accumulates near the top layer of skin, forming a bruise following a deep tissue.

A crimson bruise from a recent therapy is common. Within a few hours or days, the bruise may become blue or dark. It might be sensitive and unpleasant at times. The soreness usually disappears when the color changes for most individuals.

There is no treatment or cure for bruises generated by massage other than cold compresses and medications. Make an appointment with our chiropractors for treating Altrincham Manchester Osteopathy & Hale Manchester Osteopathy. We also provide Altrincham Manchester back pain, neck pain, and knee pain therapies. Please contact us on (+44) 0161 4597 034.