5 common problems a deep tissue massage can heal

5 common problems a deep tissue massage can heal

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that resembles Swedish massage, this therapy uses slow, firm pressure to relieve muscle cramps. The innermost layers of muscle tissue, ligaments, and fascia are the focus. Stockport deep tissue massage offers psychological as well as physical benefits. 

Deep tissue massage has also been said to aid in the treatment of a variety of ailments:

1. High Blood Pressure: 

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can be caused by a number of circumstances. Poor eating, smoking, drinking excessively, are all examples of lifestyle factors. For patients suffering from this ailment, medications and lifestyle modification have significant therapeutic options. Massage therapy might assist you in reducing your stress levels and high blood pressure.

Although this sort of therapy has not been demonstrated to help with hypertension, studies back up this assertion. The outcomes were obvious when comparing pre-massage and post-massage blood pressure and pulse rates. High blood pressure can be reduced, at least temporarily, by raising serotonin and reducing stress.

2. Plantar fasciitis:

The plantar fascia is a thick band of muscle tissue that runs the length of the sole of the foot. It connects the heel bone to the toe ligaments. The plantar fascia is crucial for controlling gait and absorbing shock during walking or running. The plantar fascia is responsible for the foot’s arches. High arches can occur if the fascia is pulled too tightly. Plantar fasciitis massage has been demonstrated to alleviate typical symptoms and can be a useful strategy for managing pain. Some treatment methods for plantar fasciitis are invasive and require surgery. In many circumstances, including massage techniques in treatment programs can help to prevent surgery. 

3. Tennis elbow:

Tennis elbow has nothing to do with tennis or people who play tennis. As a matter of fact, it’s the medical word for a disorder called lateral epicondylitis. When lifting or bending the arm, pain is felt at the outside of the elbow as well as around the outside of the upper forearm. Tennis elbow patients may also have difficulties gripping and twisting their forearms.

Deep tissue massage improves circulation, and when combined with friction therapy applied to the tendons on the elbow joint, excellent outcomes are achieved. Friction treatment breaks up scar tissue, relieves pain, releases muscle spasms, and improves flexibility, while Manchester physiotherapy uses deep tissue massage techniques to break up scar tissue, relieve pain, release muscle spasms, and improve flexibility.

4. Sports injuries:

Deep tissue massage helps in reducing pain as well as increasing flexibility. It is highly recommended for people into sports or any physical activity. Manchester Osteopathy, trigger-point manipulation, and deep transverse friction,- in these massages, scar tissues are dissolved by back and forth movement across muscles and are all employed during a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massages aren’t like other kinds of massages, where you’ll leave feeling calm and smelling like a bouquet of aromatic oils. Because of the nature of this treatment, you will most certainly experience more discomfort than usual, but the long-term benefits are undeniable. 

5. Fibromyalgia: 

Fibromyalgia is an inflammatory condition marked by muscular discomfort, stiffness, and localized tenderness at specific body sites.

Kneading, pounding, and friction are all used in deep tissue massage to help fresh blood reach parts of the body that have been nutritionally malnourished and denied nutrients and oxygen.

People with fibromyalgia frequently have a lot of stress in their lives, and deep tissue massage can help with stress reduction alleviation, which can improve their overall well-being.

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