7 effective tips to manage your pain while traveling

How to manage chronic pain while traveling

Traveling can be difficult for people with chronic pain. You might consider avoiding it altogether.

Chronic pain can be a constant burden for those who suffer from it, and it can make even the simplest tasks a challenge. However, for those who love to travel, chronic pain can be particularly difficult to manage.

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Ways physiotherapy can treat muscle strain

10 ways physiotherapy can treat muscle strain

Anyone can come across a muscle strain at any time. To pull a muscle strain, you don’t have to be a sprinter or a bodybuilder.

A Chronic Pain Specialist might be recommended by your doctor, family member or friend if you have ever suffered from a muscle strain. It’s simple to take medication temporarily and control pain if you don’t have any prior knowledge.

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8 Ways to ease tension headaches

8 Ways to ease tension headaches

Tension headaches are well-known for their intense discomfort. These headaches usually occur in the afternoon. It causes mild to moderate pain, which can feel like a tightness or a band of pressure.

It is one of the most common types of headache in adults.

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Different types of Bone Fractures

10 Different types of Bone Fractures

At some or the other time in your life, you must have come across a situation where your bones feel more pressure that they split or break.

We can understand that this situation might have been devastating for you to deal with!

As per the research, approximately 300,000 people in the UK experience a fracture every year. Women are more likely to experience fractures than men, with the highest incidence occurring in postmenopausal phase.

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8 Common running injuries you must know about

What are running injuries? 8 Common running injuries

Running can be very taxing on your body. Even though you may experience minor aches and discomforts, being sidelined by a running injury is not something any runner would want. It can be difficult to determine what is causing a problem if it bothers you.

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Causes and treatments to heal Quadratus Lumborum muscle pain

Quadratus Lumborum – Causes and treatments to relieve your muscles from pain

The Quadratus Lumborum is a muscle located in the lower back region of the body. It is located on either side of the spine and runs between the last rib and the top of the hipbone.

The QL muscle is responsible for maintaining stability in the lower back and is involved in movements such as twisting and bending to the sides. It is also involved in breathing, as it helps to control the movement of the diaphragm.

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Dos and Donts to recover Plantar Fasciitis heel pain

Plantar Fasciitis – Dos and Donts to recover the heel pain

Heel discomfort is majorly caused by the condition called plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue spanning the bottom of your foot and attaching your heel bone to the bones of your toes. And when the band gets inflamed then the condition Plantar Fasciitis takes place.

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