Dos and Donts to recover Plantar Fasciitis heel pain

Plantar Fasciitis – Dos and Donts to recover the heel pain

Heel discomfort is majorly caused by the condition called plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue spanning the bottom of your foot and attaching your heel bone to the bones of your toes. And when the band gets inflamed then the condition Plantar Fasciitis takes place.

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How Physiotherapy in Manchester can help you heal Hamstring injury

Hamstring injury – How Physiotherapy in Manchester can help you heal

One of the most frequent injuries we treat at the CT Clinic are the hamstrings of sports people and athletes. The severity and levels of tension differ in all cases.

Some of our patients believe they’ve solved the problem by taking a few months off from sports. But when they have returned onto the field and end up feeling the pain back!

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Causes and Home Remedies to Treat Calf Pain

Calf Pain – Causes, Home Remedies, and Prevention to alleviate it

At some point in your lives, you must surely experience discomfort in your lower leg. From sporting activities to continuous illnesses, there are many reasons to experience discomfort in legs. However, at times the pain can be intense enough to make everyday tasks seem like daunting tasks. Leg or calf injuries are more severe as they hinder even the tiny task like getting up in the morning.

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6 Powerful treatments to treat your torn bicep tendon injury

6 Effective Treatments for Torn Bicep Tendon Injuries

In between the elbows and shoulders is a sizable muscle called the bicep. Tendons are built to support the bicep’s movement by connecting it to the bones of the arm.

There are 3 tendons out of which two are in the shoulders and one at the elbow in the forearm. 3 of these tendons connect the bicep to the bones. These tendons enable the arm to flex and assist in holding the bicep in position. Damage to any of these tendons is referred to as a bicep tear. And this tear can be uncomfortable and leads to restricting arm movement.

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7 Common home remedies to head headache naturally

7 Home Remedies to Overcome Headache Naturally

We quite often blame the morning blues or our busy living schedules for constantly pounding headaches. Those headaches can disrupt the quality of your life as they can seldom be intolerable.

While many individuals use prescription medications to cure headaches, using some at-home remedies is always more convenient and safer.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy for Trapezius Muscles

Uncovering the Benefits of Physiotherapy for Trapezius Muscles

A largest muscle group that runs across the neck, upper back, shoulders and chest, is called trapezius muscle. This muscle serves many functions in our bodies, including lifting our heads up and shrugging off our shoulders. The majority of the muscles in the back facilitate movement, rotation, and stabilization of the shoulder blade. This flat, wide muscle, which covers the majority of the upper back, and posterior of the neck, is responsible for making the back comfortable.

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