Shoulder Pain Statists, prevention and the effectiveness of COPA therapy.

Shoulder Pain Statists, prevention and the effectiveness of COPA therapy.

Studies show that between 18-26% of adults experience shoulder pain at some point in their life time [1]. Shoulders are most commonly injured by falls or physically demanding sports such as tennis, rugby and weight lifting. The ligaments, muscles and tendons around the shoulder play an important role in stabilising and controlling purposeful movement through a complex series of biomechanical inter-related movements of the shoulder blade and collarbone. These injuries should start to feel better after 2 weeks, but could take up to 6 months to fully heal.

Those suffering shoulder pain can experience sever pain in some cases, and struggle to do daily activities such as cleaning, reaching and simple movements. In a lot of cases, seeing a physiotherapist can help the pain. This is where CT Clinic can help.

Founder of CT Clinic, Ammar Sawaf, had his professional football career end due to back pain at the age of 17. He was referred to a physiotherapist, but there was no improvement so his team had to let him go. This motivated Mr Sawaf to pursue a different approach to pain; no one had the skills to cure him! He studied and studied, earning a degree in traditional Chinese medicine and eventually creating what is known today as COPA therapy.

We believe when the pain or when the injury becomes reoccurring, this is chronic pain. Chronic pain can happen to anyone and this is where our expertise can come in very handy. We have proven the effectiveness of this over the last 20 years on thousands of patients.

CT Clinic, based in West Didsbury, Greater Manchester, is the only private clinic in the UK that has Myoton technology which is the ONLY reliable machine in the world that can measure muscle stiffness. The machine simply shows the state of the muscles within 1 minute and that is why is used by NASA and over 600 universities around the world. We believe the source of the pain is muscle stiffness, therefore we built a unique technique to treat the muscles stiffness.

COPA therapy is a massage-based technique that combines four techniques to cure pain; Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture techniques. We have done extensive scientific research to prove the effectiveness of our new methodology; the pain is caused by muscle stiffness. Myoton technology has already promising results with the data we have collected. CT Clinic has over 20,000 pain-free patients due to COPA therapy which is reflected by our five-star google reviews and video testimonials.

We have cured thousands of patients suffering from shoulder pain. We are passionate about the total care system we offer our patients. But there are many ways you can help avoid shoulder pain such as:

  1. Listen to your body – don’t over work muscles
  2. Warm up properly to avoid injury
  3. Stay in shape with regular exercise

If you are worried about the development of your shoulder pain see your GP or a pain specialist. At CT-Clinic we treat pain differently.


Ellen Maynard-Smith
Business Developer