Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Care? How to know which treatment your body needs?

Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Care? How to know which treatment your body needs?

Seeking help from a medical professional is common if you are suffering from any health condition. Doctors are trained in treating particular parts of your body, so you can visit them as per your health issue. However, what if you are suffering from health issues like Stockport knee pain, and there are two treatment methods, physiotherapy and chiropractic care? How do you decide which treatment is suitable for your condition? Let us find out.



Treatment followed by a Stockport chiropractor is quite similar to the ones used by a physiotherapist. The two follow non-invasive methods to reduce pain and discomfort, which are given to the patient manually or by using their hands. Both treatments start off with the respective doctor getting to know their patient’s medical history and current condition. Physiotherapists and chiropractors are licensed medical professionals who received intensive training. The way of treatment in both of these include manipulating and adjusting muscles or joints to get the desired results.



While people usually notice the similarities between a Manchester physiotherapy professional and a chiropractor, the same cannot be said for the differences between them. In chiropractic care, forceful but short movements are used to treat the pain. However, in physiotherapy, smoother and less forceful movements are noticed, which are regularly punctuated with exercise and massage.


Chiropractic care

This method is usually focused on the treatment of pain in the neck, back, and head. It is based on how the body’s nervous system affects its healing ability and how manipulation of these nerves can help reduce the pain. For a person suffering from Stockport neck pain, adjustments can be made to your spine and neck muscles and joints. 



A physiotherapist can use treatment methods that include electrical therapies, manipulation of muscles, massages, and regular exercise so your body heals and movement in those parts improves. Physiotherapy is commonly employed by people who are rehabilitating after a difficult situation.


So which one to choose?

You need to determine the exact cause of your pain or discomfort before choosing one of these methods of treatment. A chiropractor could be of better help if your condition is related to a nervous or spinal issue. On the other hand, a physiotherapist could prove to be better if your health issue is based on a musculoskeletal problem. Depending on your health condition, you could use both chiropractic care and physiotherapy to deal with the pain you are suffering from. 


Before deciding which medical professional you would opt for, it is advisable to get in touch with your doctor. This way, they can help you decide which treatment method is better for you. The decision depends on your body, symptoms shown, and medical history.


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