5 Common conditions that Didsbury deep tissue massage can treat

5 Common conditions that Didsbury deep tissue massage can treat

Deep tissue massage is a stimulating and advanced massage technique. This massage technique is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal situations. Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue massage applies firm pressure and slow strokes. That targets the deeper layer of muscles and reduces pain.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for people suffering from sports or accident injuries. This massage technique significantly eases the tension in tissue and muscle. It also breaks up scar tissue and adhesions in muscles caused by injury and reduces pain. Experience the best Didsbury deep tissue massage therapy only at CT Clinic.

A deep tissue massage therapy addresses certain conditions. In this blog, we will learn about the common conditions that are treated by deep tissue massage therapy.

5 Most common conditions treated by the deep tissue massage technique

1) Sports injuries

A deep tissue massage therapy treats any sports and workout-related injuries. It reclines tight or twisted muscles and facilitates the movement of toxins from your muscles. A deep tissue massage therapy will reduce your pain and stiffness by enhancing your blood circulation. That will fasten the healing process of muscle sprains and restores range of motion.

2) Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a long-term chronic disorder that causes musculoskeletal pain and tenderness. It also creates sleep and mental disturbance. A deep tissue massage therapy helps fibromyalgia patients with deep and slow strokes. The massage releases chronic tension build-up in the muscle and provides pain relief. It also reduces stress and increases the welfare of the patient.

3) Plantar fasciitis

The plantar fasciitis is a ligament between the heel and the front of the foot that acts as a shock absorber and helps us walk. Plantar fasciitis condition happens because of overstretching or overuse of ligaments.

A deep tissue massage therapy is a natural pain relief remedy for this severe condition. It facilitates tendons, ligaments, and muscles and releases the tension accumulated there.

4) Sciatica

The Sciatica is the longest nerve in the body that starts from the spinal cords, runs through the hips and buttocks, and then lowers down each leg. The condition of Sciatica causes acute pain in the lower back, buttock muscles, and lower legs.

A deep tissue massage greatly helps in this condition. It breaks the adhesions or scar tissue. Improves blood circulation, and relaxes the muscles, tendons, and other tissues. Thus, it relieves the patient from his pain and misery.

5) High blood pressure

Stress and tension is the main reason behind high blood pressure. A deep tissue massage positively impacts high blood pressure by producing serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that stimulates good feelings and reduces stress, anxiety, and hypertension.


Is your muscle pain, injury, or post-surgical pain restraining you from leaving your normal peaceful life?
Then you are indeed in need of a relaxing and pain-relieving deep tissue massage therapy.

This massage therapy is one solution to many health conditions. It helps you get back to your normal, happy, and healthy life free from muscle pain.

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