Why suffer age-related pain?

No. 1 treatment for age-related pain and discomfort

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We treat clients of all ages. Recently, we welcomed Mr Ravani to CT Clinic to receive COPA treatment at CT Clinic, Manchester.

At the tender age of 87, Mr Ravani has been suffering from back pain for a long time. As we age, our focus naturally shifts to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and remaining as active as possible to enjoy our remaining years, pain (and drama-free). However, it is at this point in life when medical professionals tend to give up very quickly on treating ailments associated with old age.

At CT Clinic, we treat you irrespective of age! We treat you if you have been diagnosed with many age-related conditions including arthritis, osteoarthritis and diabetes, and because we have our own diagnosis methodology, we provide hope and resolution when all else fails. Our unique blend of treatment named COPA THERAPY offers a holistic approach to pain relief.

For us, it is not about simply managing the pain! We work with you to help eliminate the pain and devise preventative techniques that will ensure pain is no more. A huge 95% of our patients notice the difference in pain levels immediately.

Mr Ravani reported a 70-80% improvement after just 1 session